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Henry Miller Museum

Landmarks Association of St. Louis, 21st annual Most Enhanced Award winner, 2017.
“It’s better than I envisioned,” said St. LouisLocal 1 Business Manager Frank Jacobs, a fourth-generation IBEW member. “I hope that visitors take as much pride in it as we have.”
This 19th century abandoned building of historical significance to the IBEW transformed into the Henry Miller Museum building and grounds. The 9 month design/construction schedule demanded superior structural engineering capabilities top reserve significant elements of the building during demolition and construction. The building received a new basement and an addition with elevator, stair tower and restrooms resulting in a total 3,400 square feet museum facility.First floor museum space includes an exhibit space and a saloon replicating the ginmill that once occupied the space. Second floor museum space includes HenryMiller’s apartment with selected antiques and artifacts consistent with the 1890’s era and open exhibit space. The one acre site now accommodates parking, a plaza honoring the IBEW founders, exterior exhibit space and an event lawn
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